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You're getting married. So exciting!
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I have been photographing weddings for many years and I am passionate about my work. I understand all the important little details you put into your big day. All the emotions you and your loved ones go through. These are the things you want to see in your wedding photos, and more. Like the kids playing with the flowers, Mum wiping away her tears or Granddad asleep during the speeches!

I take great care in capturing all the precious memories and important details of your wedding day. Starting with the Bride’s preparation (and the Groom’s, if he is available), continuing through the day to capture all the formal and spontaneous moments. My approach is relaxed yet professional, creative while still being candid, with a touch of fashion to produce a beautiful collection of photographs that you will treasure forever.

No photography is complete without a way to show off those beautiful photos. I have a range of stunning wedding albums available, from traditional style through to contemporary professional photobooks that will keep the memories alive forever.

Every wedding is unique, so I’d love to come and meet you to discuss your plans and how I can help make your big day even more special.

Warmest Regards